Is it just me or do you see a lot of the same things being said over and over within the mainstream about psychedelics? For example, here's an example headline you might read today somewhere "Psychedelic Drugs could potentially have therapeutic benefits" / "Researchers are finding that psychedelics may have a healing potential for certain users".  


Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out:

  • How was I able to see 100s of new colors that day at the beach?
  • How was I able to communicate with the moon to understand how the ocean waves work?
  • How was my wife able to understand intimate conversations miles away?
  • How was my friend and I able to communicate telepathically without using language?
  • How did I accidentally brush up against an extremely terrifying mind-loss type experience?
  • How was I able to meet and communicate with my yet-to-be born son?
  • How was I able to forgive folks in my life in the deepest sense?
  • How was my friend able to interact with and communicate with his mother a few days after she had passed?
  • How was my friend able to meet with a thousand guardian angels at a round table, then come back a year later where the conversation hadn't skipped a beat?
  • How was my friend able to talk with his cancer and ask it to leave? (Which it did)
  • How was I able to get so in sync with a mountain that I could feel every vibration of each creature walking on it?

I could keep going on, but I think you get the idea.

Sometimes I find myself reading some of these articles, posts, and research just wanting to yell DUH through the screen haha. Can you relate?

Overall though, I'm super thrilled that I do get to see the psychedelic topic pop up into the mainstream and I've very very excited to be alive at this time.

I think that we are only beginning to scratch the surface of what psychedelics are. There's an infinite amount of research to be done y'all.